Thursday, June 19, 2008

Inspiring Dream - Hilary Lister's Round Britain Sail

I was on my way to Costco for some "cheap" gas, $3.85 per gallon, when I found myself crying at a red light. NPR sometimes has the ability to do that to me, and today was no exception.

You can find the story at Quadriplegic Attempts Solo Sail Around British Isles. At this link you can both listen to and read the inspiring story. I would highly recommend listening because there is such a level of joy and passion in Hilary's voice that you must experience it for yourself. The section that got to me was when they talked about her depression. I'm going to quote a section here.

In 2003, Lister says, she had not left her house for three months, and she "couldn't cope with just sitting at home doing nothing, waiting to die." She admits she considered euthanasia by overdosing on morphine.

Then a friend of hers suggested she go sailing. Within days, Lister was out on a boat on a lake.

"And within about 30 seconds, I knew that I found what I was going to do with the rest of my life," she says.

Can you imagine? Here I am, sitting in my car with a fully functioning body and sometimes feeling sorry for what I "need" to do. Humans, myself included, can do sooooooooo much more than we(I) think we(I) can!!!!!

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