Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Goodnuff - Why would you choose good enough when you can choose the best?

I was reading an article in my Microsoft Visual Studio Magazine this morning called "When to gamble on new technology". It was interesting "enough" until I reached the 4th paragraph and read that the author uses a concept he calls "good enough". If something will work, maybe it isn't the newest, fastest, most efficient, etc, but it is "good enough". He uses it.

I understand the concept that he is going for. Because in technology, sometimes the learning curve to cost ratio is too high. It makes using the newest, bestest, etc, not the most cost effective. So why not use the concept of "best choice"?

As leaders, we should be applying this concept all the time. When working on something, simply ask "Is this the best choice I can make, right now?". If it is, then keep going, but if there is something better, go for it! Don't settle for "good enough" or as I often hear and say "Good Nuff"!

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