Friday, October 17, 2008

To Think, To Believe, or To Know - Which is the most powerful phrase?

I've been reading the book "Rings of Truth" by Jim Britt for a few weeks now and I haven't posted anything during that time. Today, I was reading a section when he defined the beamings of "To Think", "To Believe", and "To Know". I hadn't really thought much about them, but it was interesting.

To Think is to contemplate. "I think I want to change jobs." Not very powerful is it. I'm contemplating it. Maybe I will, maybe I won't. Changeable.

To Believe is to hold an opinion. "I believe I want to change jobs." Doesn't sound to sure, does it? Also, changeable.

To Know is to be certain. "I know I want to change jobs." That is commitment. That is a definite, unchanging statement.

What else can I apply this to? Everything.

I think I can make a million dollars. Nope. Powerless
I believe I can make a million dollars. Doesn't sound to convincing.
I know I can make a million dollars. Definite! Actionable!

Hmmmm.... I'm liking this Knowing all the more all the time.

I know you will read this post and take action, just as I know I am doing.

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