Sunday, May 25, 2008

Six Flags - Tony Hawk - Leading through the Crowd!

I'm posting this in response to my good friend Mindy's question. Yes, Mindy, we got on the ride! Not only did we get on the ride, but we waited less than 5 minutes to do so!

What am I talking about? I'm talking about the brand new Tony Hawk's Big Spin ride at Six Flags Over Texas that opened yesterday, May 24, 2008!

My son, Adam, and I decided that we were going to ride this today, the second day of operation, NO MATTER WHAT!!! And that is precisely what we did! We arrived at the park about 20 minutes before opening. The main gate was open, so we went in. Now here is where my triathlon and leadership skills came into play. Everyone was being held at a rope in Loney Tune land. So I saw an opening near the far left side. I took Adam by the hand and we headed far left. Most everyone was concentrated on the center. Seems like they always are. In triathlon, the best starting point is far left of the crowd. Less kicks and more free space. So we took our place to the left and the rope was removed. I took Adam's hand and headed left. Hugging the small open area next to the gift shop and moving quickly. As we moved, I noticed an open area and suddenly we were in front of 99% of the crowd.

We entered the queue well ahead of the crowd and according to the info at the photo/video booth, we were the 6th ride of the day. I'm not sure that we were sixth, but we were on the ride in less than 5 minutes of line time.

How does this pertain to leadership? A few simple concepts:

  1. If the crowd is in the center, head left or head right.

  2. Keep your eyes open for the small gaps and open spaces that other will leave

  3. When you see your big opening, don't hesitate, grab someones hand and GO FOR IT!

So, anyone want to so to Six Flags with me?! I'm good at working the parks! I'm good with Disney World too! So let me know and I'm there!!!

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Mindy said...

Let's DO IT!! I loved the story...the thrill of the chase!!